My research interests are in education, health, nutrition, poverty, public policy, migration, war and conflict, economic development, survey research design and methods, behavioral economics, human development and political economy

My research addresses questions of economic development. I investigate the causes and consequences of violent conflict, the dynamics of poverty and well-being as well as child health and nutrition. I perform this research with quantitative methods and techniques including  econometric analysis of household surveys, experimental designs and impact evaluation.  I have worked on the political economy of development and genocide in Rwanda, on the long-term consequences of violent conflict for child health nutrition and schooling, on social capital, on altruism and risk, on refugees, on demobilisation, on gender and on the design of household surveys, I also work on education with data from longitudinal surveys and on migration and forced displacement. 

I have work in progress on cognitive development in times of conflict, donations to humanitarian relief, entry into marriage and motherhood in the Middle-East, cash transfers to refugees and the labour marker in Morocco.